charter fihingSan Juan Island saltwater fishing, what could be more enjoyable? Fishing can be thrilling and very exciting and fishing around some of the most beautiful islands in the world makes it even better. While fishing you will be gazing up at 50+ foot tall cedar, fir and madrona trees right on the shore. Come fishing with Deer Harbor Charters and see the islands, reefs, and shoals all around the San Juan Island. Learn the difference between fishing a mud bottom, sand bottom, rocky bottom and very deep bottoms.

  • Educational & Informative
  • No Experience Required
  • All Bait & Gear Provided
  • Fun For the Whole Family
  • Outdoor Adventure!

Deer Harbor Charters is in our third decade of responsible wildlife viewing. (Guess how old the oldest rockfish lived to be? The answer will be at the bottom of the page) This year we would like to invite you to come Catch & Release charter fishing with us. Our captains will measure, photograph, weigh and release the fish you caught.

Trips depart Deer Harbor Marina at 11:00 AM
$100 per person plus tax
$59 children 13 and under plus tax
Private Charter $600* plus tax
Maximum 6 people

Due to fuel/crew coast we have a minimum of 3 people her trip

*If you would like to book a private charter online, just select the date on the online calendar and then select all six available seats or feel free to call 1-800-544-5758


Please Remember to Bring

  • Jacket
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen!
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • Smiles
  • Fishing licence*

If you are a serious sports fisherman or are looking to take fish home please choose a different fishing charter. NOAA and other agencies will be using our data in upcoming fish survey reports. Most of our fishing will be focused on the Spiny Dogfish. This small shark is usually 2-3 maybe even 4 feet long and tons of fun to catch. Also did you know, it takes these shark 25-30 year to reproduce! They are what we call a late maturing fish.

Our trips are 3-4 hours long depending on the fishing and the weather. We try to fish in areas where we will have the least amount of environmental damage on recovering fish species. Such areas include voluntary fish reserves, bottom depths below 120ft, and very rocky areas with lots of current.

* a fishing license can be purchased in Eastsound at the sporting good store located next door to rays pharmacy.

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