As the Original Whale Watching Company established on Orcas Island, WA and the second in the San Juan Island, we are committed to following the “Best Practice” policy to whale & wildlife tours and hope that all other companies will also adopt this approach to wildlife tours.

As top researches and scientist in the area define harmful impacts to our beloved Orcas and other marine wildlife and propose new alternative ideas to help improve conditions, we take it seriously. Thats why we do not operate outboard motors on any of our whale watching boats, we limit the days of the week we offer second tours – instead we alternate between Deer Harbor and Rosario Resort. We also choose to stager our departure times so we only have one boat on scene with a group of whales at any time of the day.

Our captains & crew are instructed to shut down the engine closest to whales, retrive floating plastics and other debri, turn off underwater sonar, limit the amount of gear changes on the boat around the whales, slow our approach and departure from whales and of course follow all USA & CANADIAN laws.

The days of “GO FASTER and GET CLOSER” whale watching are over. We now know that opperating at high speeds close to whales causes harmful sounds waves to effect the whales ability to feed, socialize and communicate. We also know that washing down your boats with surfactants and other cleaners are harmful to the marine ecosystem. Let alone plastics are everywhere and as they break down they often are found in birds, whales and other marine wildlife stomachs.

We hope all opperators and companies will work with the scientific community to adopt less impactful methods of interacting in the wonderful marine ecosystem. This is the best way to protect our marine mammals and marine ecosystem from extinction and best for our future generations.

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