“What other wildlife besides Orca whales are we likely to see?”

Bald eagles, Steller sea lions, harbor seals and porpoises are sighted on a routine basis. Also, there are numerous species of birds. Humpback Whales & Minke whales are frequently seen and sometimes the focus of our trips.

“How many people come on each cruise?”

PELAGIC is certified by the US Coast Guard to carry 20 guests per trip. Our other vessel, SQUITO, takes as many as 34 guests, with indoor seating as well as outside viewing space. Smaller groups per trip mean more personal contact and a more enjoyable experience for you.


“What is our WHALE SECESS RATE?”

During our typical season our success rate is very, very good. With almost 30 years of experience we are well connected to find Orcas in both US & Canadian waters. Traveling quickly and far into both US & Canada waters, we work with local fisherman, the Orca Spotting Network, Pacific Whale Watch Association, Tugboats, Ferries and many others to find Orca Whales, Humpback Whales & Minke Whales.

“How close do you get to the Orcas?”

Deer Harbor Charters conforms to all federal, state and county whale and wildlife watching guidelines. ┬áThe current law (2015) states all vessels must stay at least 200 meters from Orcas (100 Meters from all other Cetaceans) and not get in the whale’s direction of travel. Because these orca whales have been placed on the Endangered Species Act, we feel that the last thing a boater should do is to disrupt their behavior.


“Should I take seasick medication before the trip?”

Our normal cruising routes are very protected and safe. Please don’t not let your apprehension of being seasick keep you from coming out with us. We operate in very protected waters and never see ocean conditions here. It’s like operating on a big lake.


“What should I bring?”

Binoculars, camera, warm jacket and comfortable clothing. Layering is the phrase used when on the water in the Pacific Northwest. Most days are surprisingly warm, both boats have heated cabin for your comfort. We also have blankets and binoculars on board.

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