This just in from NOAA. Sad but interesting that the technology now exists to determine the breeding pair. In this case L-41, Mega and J-28, Polaris.

Stranded killer whale update:
Preliminary genetic results from NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center indicate that the killer whale calf found on Dungeness Spit on January 7th was a member of J-pod. Results of individual assignment tests show that the calf’s genotype is more similar to the genotypes of other J-pod individuals than it is to genotypes of K or L-pod individuals. Preliminary genetic parentage analysis indicates that J28 is the likely mother of the stranded calf. Both these findings are consistent with field data showing that members of J-pod were the only residents sighted in the area near the time of the stranding. Parentage analysis also identified L41 as the likely father.

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