Join us for a birdwatcher’s dream trip.  Our private Marine Birding Tour is the best around.  After beginning our Whale & Wildlife tours over 25 years ago we quickly learned where the highest density of marine birds are located.  Whether you are searching for a specific bird or trying to check multiple species off your list, our trained biologist/naturalist can help you quickly identify them.  Some examples are Black Oystercatchers, Pigeon Guillemot, American Bald Eagle, Common Murre, Rhinoceros Aklet, Marbled Murrelet, Tufted Puffin (although rarely seen) and many more.

Whether you are looking to view Birds privately or you have a large party, our Marine Birding Tour is always comfortable and convenient.

With the ability to pick up from many different locations including, inner and outer islands, private or public docks and marinas, our Marine Birding Tour is tailor fit for each customer.  Our larger boat Squito is comfortably capable of holding 33 guest.  The inside bench seating, live edge wood tables and outside viewing decks make Squito an ideal wildlife viewing platform.  Pelagic, our speed boat, is fast, comfortable and affordable.  Pelagic holds 20 guest, has outside seating for all 20 and heated inside seating for six or more.  Both boats are USCG certified  and fully comply with Coast Guard regulations.

  • Private, Fun, Excursion
  • Large or Small Boats Available
  • Trips 3-4 Hours
  • Biologist/ Naturalist Onboard
  • Binoculars for everyone!
  • Comfortable & Clean
  • USCG Captain

Once onboard you can except superior customer service. Our biologist/naturalist are highly trained in all fields of biology; marine & terrestrial.  Throughout your trip, our educated biologist/naturalist will be helping you spot wildlife, teaching you how to use binoculars, and passing out blankets.  All the while teaching you about our ever changing local ecosystem.  All of our biologist/naturalist are full time island residents, so feel free to ask some questions yourself.  Rates can be found on the Rates page.

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