It’s been a few weeks now since J pod was here around the islands. I don’t remember a July before where the J’s were gone this long. Often in July L pod will come and go and sometimes K pod but never J pod. We’ve had encounters with L pod more in July than we have with J pod.
We have also had this amazing Summer weather, the likes of which us old timers have never seen. It has been sunny and dry since early Spring with very little rain. Salmon 101 taught me that in order for salmon to go back to their spawning river the salmon have to taste and smell the river. Without significant rain perhaps the salmon are holding up out in the ocean until the conditions are better for them to go in to their rivers. It’s manly the Fraser River near Vancouver that is the main tributary for the chinook salmon the resident orca whales love and need. Perhaps a good rain will change things for the better.
We have been fortunate to see transient orca whales around and Minke whales so it’s not all that bad. But it sure would be nice to see Granny, J-2 again and the rest of her clan.

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