For passenger comfort, we are committed to not running at 100% capacity for the 2022 season. Our tours are more comfortable, less crowded, more informative then anyone else. Plus, if you don’t see whales between June-September you can join us for a free trip. That’s the Deer Harbor Charters difference.

Scout Headlamp


The Scout Headlamp is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts. This base version of the Scout series, but you can always trust it to be a great, trustworthy and durable guide, in any weather, during all your adventures. Inspired by Silva's Active-series, the Scout is now conquering the outdoor segment with updated features and brighter light. The Scout has 220 lm, an improved battery lid that’s easy to operate and a smooth adjustment of the lamp’s vertical angle. It’s one of Silva's most lightweight headlamps and a reliable companion that is easy to bring with you on any outdoor adventure.

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